The community outreach was more than we hoped for and the feedback from the participants has been overwhelming.  112 participants from ages 6 to 80 traveled the river between Vermontville and Ada during the Expedition August 6th through the 11th.  We held several educational events that were well attended by not only the participants but several local residents.  We feel that we accomplished our goal of providing community outreach and drawing attention to the wonderful resources the Thornapple River Watershed provides.  An equally important goal was to bring attention to the river and the local communities that it flows through, and based on reports of expeditioners already making return trips to enjoy the river and amenities the local businesses provide, we feel grateful to have reached this goal as well.  Our hope is that we have sown the seeds that will give back for years to come

You can see some of the more than 2000 photographs along with several media publications by going to the below links.

Special thanks to our partners who helped make this event possible.

Special thanks to our educational speakers;

Andera Stay – Eaton Conservation District

Daelyn Wolnough – Professor CMU

Mike Zakewski – Shelbyville Rod Company

Bob’s Gun and Tackle

Dave Drullinger – DEQ

John Simmons – Local Historian

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More Photos are available to view by clicking on the below links.

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Here are a few of the news items from the Thornapple River Expedition:

THANK YOU to my co-organizers without this event would not have been possible!

Dana Strouse

Joanne Barnard

Mark Fitzpatrick


Erv Gambee
President TRWC